Audit - WHY NOT!

Spending $2,000. to produce a video explaining DPCA finances is a better idea. according to ALL BOARD OFFICERS i.e.

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Motion 14-07 (Van Wormer/Jacobson)
To authorize the expenditure of up to $2,000 to produce an informational video pertaining to DPCA finances.
Motion passes unanimously.

The plan is for the Officers and Directors to HIDE behind a NEW committee created to do the above video. So when it hits the fan this committee will be pointed to as the culprit. UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED BY THE BOARD

The Chair is ___? The members are ___? Volunteers___? Too many questions and still not enough answers

MANY, MANY financial irregularities exist in the DPCA books - from the Pomona National all the way back to the 1990's - good business practice demands an audit be performed regularly - its too expensive NOT TO AUDIT IMMEDIATELY.



501c3 issues prevent the club from functioning like a dog club - it must be abandoned immediately. COVERED EXTENSIVELY ON THIS SITE



The proliferation of committees has been the result of political favors and not club business

There are at least two very controversial chairs who do NOT promote or represent the DPCA standard. A new position has been created for the one while the other continues as is. UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED BY THE BOARD


Poll results - BoD performance = 50% "They are failing" 50% "They are doing more wrong than right"


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Where Is/Are the following...

ARCHIVE CLOSURE- Jan Van Wormer said it could take up to a year. She said this in 2009. It is over four years and counting?

RETURNS - of unwanted archival materials to the DPCA from the AKC should have occurred. The members await the Bod Report. It is over four years and counting?

CATALOGUE - of DPCA archives is NOT online as promised by then President Jan Van WORMER. It could take up to a year president Van Wormer said in 2009. It is over four years and counting?

CONTRACT - between DPCA - AKC "would be signed and available for the membership to see" is what President Van Wormer promised in 2009. It is over four years and counting?


What have the new board members done so far ... click here



1. Audit the books.

It is widely recommended that nonprofits especially conduct annual audits to insure their $$$ house is in order. Sound business practice for the DPCA indeed.

WHY? In 2000 Marquis Ryan, CPA pleaded with the DPCA Officers to put a chocker on then Candidate DiNardo for his constant harassing and haranguing the CPA firm for information about the ongoing election.

Do you believe that the CPA firm would have continued doing business with the DPCA, all balloting AND preparing the tax filings for the IRS for 10+ years if they had not caved to the DiNardo pressure?

Put the DPCA house in order to restore the member's trust, change the CPA firm, NOW!


2. Return to 501c7 tax-exempt status.

WHY? It would return the "protect and preserve" direction to the DPCA.

It would permit the business of Doberman Pinschers be first and foremost rather than serving as a satellite of the AKC, donating to ALL their causes and diminishing the DPCA capacity to serve the Doberman Pinscher first.

It will return the club to the single purpose it was founded as - the breeding and exhibiting of superior Doberman Pinschers.


3. Downsize the Blight of Useless Committees

WHY? Chairs to committees have been used as a political tool to compliment the empire building regime that has occupied the DPCA Officers & Board seats for 10+ years.

Make sure all DPCA committees are chaired by people who uphold, defend, exhibit and promote Doberman Pinschers as a cropped and docked breed. If those committee positions cannot be filled by members who promote the standard as is, then abolish those committees!

Some committees have only a chair and no other members, many have NEVER filed a report, and most do little to nothing actual productive work. Abolish those committees!



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A Brief History of Miscues/Missteps/Malfeasance - Beginning with a prophetic warning from Treasurer Robin Kelley*

Past Treasurer Robin Kelly handed out a booklet entitled "Guide for Board Members".
She talked to the Board about fiduciary responsibility and the Club's 501(c)(3) status.
Key points:
Important to watch how much we're spending and on what
What we spend has to meet the mission of the DPCA
What we spend has to:
be allowable under our 501(c)(3)
be a valid expense
make the best use of the Club's money

*Minutes of the Board, October 3, 2011, Doberman Pinscher Club of America, October 3, 2011


Could some of this be what Robin is referring to?

Motion #12-49 (J. Brown/Cary)
I move that the President may approve expenses up to $500 without Board approval.

Motion 13/5 (J.Brown/Hanley)
Motion passed unanimously.
To continue the annual support of $1000 for the next three years to the UNITED DOBERMAN CLUB for cost of events held in conjunction with the DPCA National..

Motion 13/6 (Shorr/Helsdon)
To make a $5000 donation to NAIA (National Animal Interest Alliance) as has been done previously.
Motion passed unanimously.


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Minutes of the November 10, 2011 GoToMeeting

Without objection Kathy Davieds, DVM was approved as Chair of the Dock and Crop Committee. (Anti-crop promoter)
Without objection Sheila DiNardo was approved as Chair of the Albino Committee. (Nepotism)



October 3, 2011

Bylaw Revision and update of the Administrative Procedure Manual was requested. (And the undone job was handed off to Jeff Helsdon who is still working on it.)


2012 Oct 1 Minutes

A lengthy discussion ensued on DPCA 501c-3 tax status and restrictions that apply to such organizations. Special attention was given to rescue. (See Robin Kelley's warning above)

Motion 12-59 - Teague/Shorr
Sandy Teague was called upon to discuss the Meet the Breeds Booth at the AKC/Eukanuba competition, Sandy has researched the needed custom materials. The booth will be open to walk through and will contain information about Dobermans.
It was moved and seconded that DPCA contribute $1500.00 to the American Kennel Club Legislative Support Fund. This motion passed unanimously. (Possible 501 (c)(3) violation)


SEPTEMBER 11, 2012

Penny Cary presented a suggested plan to implement increased cooperation between DPCA and the United Doberman Club (UDC). Specific steps to open lines of communication were discussed, including directly contacting UDC with the goal of bringing the two clubs together. President DiNardo will send approved proposal to the UDC President for consideration and possible adoption. (Membership omitted from this proposed merger discussion)

Jeffrey Helsdon led a lengthy discussion on the revision of the Administrative Procedures Manual. The Board Members have been reviewing this document and suggesting changes and updates for several months. Mr. Helsdon is responsible for the final edition which will be placed on the website when complete. (Not done)


Thursday, April 19, 2012
Doberman Pinscher Club of America
via Telecon

Director Jeff Helsdon suggested that we invite Karen Kissinger to shoot a video with Sprite telling her story, doing public relations about why Albinos should not be bred, and posting the video on the DPCA website. (O.M.G.)


Board Minutes of October 18, 2012

Top 20 Chair, Joni Kahn, agreed to submit names of Top 20 conformation judges to the Board for review.
The chairs of obedience and agility Top 20 events will do likewise. Jeffrey Helsdon will coordinate the Administrative
Procedures Manual sections to reflect this change. (Heldon legally CANNOT unilaterally do this!)

In the past every attempt was made to insure judges selection for the Top 20 was impartial and fair. The procedures of Top 20 Committee's  judges selection was supposed to be kept independent of the Board? So now we have just given over "review" of Top Twenty judges selection to , Tony  who just happens to be exhibiting his Special in the Top Twenty ? (Conflicy of interest and a violation of 501 (c)(3) rules)



If you'd like file a complaint - 2undoit - is proud to link to the IRS Complaint Form HERE.