A Short List of what your BoD has done...

Van Wormer has made the motion to spend $2,000 on a infomercial of DPCA finances

Van Wormer moved to send $5,000 to NAIA

Van Wormer proposed approving $4,000 for the JEC

Lee's motion created a new position for HSUS witness Kathy Davieds

Van Wormer put forth the FRAC committee motion

Van Wormer moved to put the current treasurer on the FRAC committee

Van Wormer moved to reimburse DeGregorio for expenses only to have Degregorio later resign after the conference

Reeves-Hunt moved to reimburse ALL officers and Directors for mid-year meeting expenses

Van Wormer moved to spend $1,200. on an ad supporting an AKC event

Brown, Schoeneman & Strauss proposed motions to support Jr. showmanship

Van Wormer moved to put Skip Lee on the Board


What happened to ....... ......