From: "Sandy Teague"

Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2013

To: 'Judy Bingham'

Cc: Anthony DiNardo; Beverly Purswell; Dr. May Jacobson; Ellen Hanley; Jeff Helsdon; Judith Brown; Julie Stade; Mimi Brown MD; Naomi Shorr; Penny Cary; Robin Kelly; Sandy Teague; Skip Lee; Theresa Mullen

Subject: RE: My records requests

Good Evening Ms. Bingham,

I havenít replied to your previous request. as corresponding secretary of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America I do not have the records you have requested. It seems you want to hear from the board members so I shall reply to your latest request.

You have requested records that are from eleven plus years ago, as Judith Brown our current recording secretary stated the officers and board members are volunteers. As officers and board members leave the board they should pass along items from their position, that doesnít always happen, what should the club do to volunteers who retain items should use club funds to sue them?

Eleven years ago we did not have the technology we have today, one of our former recording secretaries Ellen Hanley was able to locate an old floppy disc that had been handed down to her, she was able to have someone get the data off that floppy disc, the information from that floppy disc was sent to you and that is the record of the of the membership vote is there. Personally I find it odd that you have such concerns eleven years after the fact; do you keep your Pipeline booklets?

The results from the ballot would have been published in the Pipeline; the Pipeline is the official communication from the club. You are a long time member perhaps you have your Pipelines from the early 2000ís. As a board member Iím pleased that we have a complete summary of motions from 2004 to date on; that was a labor of Love by volunteers of this club to be able to gather all those Pipelines and information.

Speaking of the summary of motions and Pipelines; on the site with a little bit of effort you will find some of the information you have requested: Annual treasurer reports are in the Pipeline; the report is also given at the annual membership meeting at the National each year; this is the same report that is given to the board of directors. Board approved funds can be found by reading the motions in the summary of motions.

You had asked for the above information for 2011 and 2012 the information is on If I understand your request correctly you have asked the President for the form 1023 and supporting documents submitted with the form 1023 and the IRS exemption ruling letter, Iím not sure who has those documents but common sense tells me that the DPCA treasurer should be the person to have those documents. Perhaps you should direct your request to treasurer and not the President. If you do an online search you will find the IRS exemption was issued in January 2002. Perhaps you will or wonít find the information Iíve provided you helpful.

Sandy Teague

Corresponding Secretary