The below Meeting Minutes contain some interesting and volatile actions including;

1. Albino Brochure changes (Can be viewed here)

2. A Presidential call for volunteers, answered but not acted upon, and the most shocking is ...

3. A proposal to create a promotional video of the Albino and handler?!?


Thursday, April 19, 2012 Board meeting

Doberman Pinscher Club of America


The following section has 2UnDoIt asking, "Why are these Officers and Directors closing any and all communication with the membership and just driving the bus over the cliff all on their own?"

"The Communications Coordination Committee (CCC) submitted changes to the educational toolkit and the Albino brochure for the DPCA website. The Board discussed the changes that the CCC have made in the Albino brochures; made into a bi-fold brochure that can be printed out by chapter clubs if they'd like. They can also be printed out and included in new member packages sent out by the Membership Sec'y."

(Helsdon/Jacobsen ) Moved to approve the changes to the educational toolkit & albino brochure. The changes were accepted as presented."

By the way the CCC is chaired by Penny Cary.

The same Penny Cary who voiced her knowledge on the standard, "Youhave (sic) delineated the standard correctly as it applies to the conformation of the albino doberman pinscher. However, AKC is very clear: conformation standards do not apply to purebreds in performance events. They even allow mixed breeds."


This section says that "there were volunteers" - Pres. Brucker asks them for more info? He didn't hear from them after that?

We ask: After asking for volunteers - what add'l info does he want?

Here is how "volunteer" works. You describe the task, ask for volunteers and then accept those that step forward. Perhaps it was they who were waiting for a call from him & an assignment.

"Previously , President Jeffrey Brucker stated that we are looking for an Albino Committee Chair. A couple of members had asked what's involved. Brucker asked those who were interested for more information. Not hearing any further, Jeff checked to ensure the feedback loop on the website was working correctly. The feedback loop seems to be working. No one has followed up with President Brucker regarding the Albino Committee Chair position."

Here is just another step into hell by totally incompetent people being guided by what or whom to destroy the breed in every way possible!!! 

"Director Jeff Helsdon suggested that we invite Karen Kissinger to shoot a video with Sprite telling her story, doing public relations about why Albinos should not be bred, and posting the video on the DPCA website. It was stated that she has a brochure that she hands out for educational purposes stating why Albino Dobermans should not be bred, pointing out heath issues, light sensitivity, etc. The Board agreed that the video would be a good idea; President Brucker will contact Karen and ask if she is interested."

On-line comments to the above:

"If you look at the attention Sprite got by going to the National, it just doesn't pay to make her a star. She has rec'd more attention than the winner of the TT. "

"The last thing the DPCA needs to involve itself in is parading an albino in front of people's faces telling everybody how bad it is to own the "white" Doberman you see in this video.  This will most certainly accomplish two things:  Enlighten the public to the fact there * is * such a thing as a "white" Doberman, and to create the allure and demand for people to want one even more!  AND TO DO IT WITH THE DOG THAT COMPETED IN OUR TT... "


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