They say, “the 501c3 has given us the ability to receive greater donations.”

: How much in donations has the DPCA received because of 501c3?

: What has the DPCA done with those donations?

: What is the GOOD for the membership OR THE BREED?


Under the 501c3, the DPCA funds went to ...

The NAIA, under the directorship of the AKC in the form of Patti Strand, a long-time AKC Director.

The AKC political fund

The AKC Health Foundation

The AKC Humane Fund

Sponsorship of the Meet the Breeds in which Dr. DiNardo's daughter ( an AKC executive) played a key role for the AKC.

A sponsorship at the PennVet Working Dog Conference. A sponsor to AKC.

Are you seeing "red yet?

Under the 501c3 the Constitution has been perverted away from “Preserve and Protect” and toward the benefit of ALL dogs. In fact the financial benefits seem to be primarily a benefit TO THE AKC.

In summation – until proof is offered--- it is questionable if the Doberman Pinscher and the DPCA have benefited at all under the 501c3. Rather the opposite could be true with the Doberman Pinscher and DPCA suffering with reduced registrations of Dobermans and a decrease in club membership.

While it happened over a decade ago, and many seem to think it doesn't matter, it must be pointed out that the conversion to 501c3 could have been done illegally since the DPCA cannot produce proof of a vote by the membership changing Article1, Section 2 of the DPCA Constitution. It begs the question,

“How do the IRS and the State of Michigan feel about being the victim of fraud and other misrepresentations?