From: Judy Bingham <>
To: dpcaofficersbod <>
Sent: Sun, Apr 28, 2013 12:29 pm
Subject: Release of records--Incomplete

April 28, 2013

RE: Release of records- Incomplete

TO : DPCA Officers and Board

Judy Brown has communicated that she does not have the Recording Secretary's minutes that should have been part of the orderly transition from Ellen Hanley to Debbie Sternberg to Judy Brown. It appears that there has been a failure to operate according the DPCA's own Constitution and By Laws which states in Article IV, Section1. .....The elected officers and directors shall take office immediately upon the conclusion of the election and each retiring officer shall turn over to his successor in office, all properties and records relating to the office within 30 days after the election.

Dr. Dinardo has suggested in his response to me on April18,2013 that I would need to search for those records in the DPCA Archives in New York. However, I believe it is the responsibility of the DPCA to have a complete set of their own records. Since Dr. DiNardo was elected in the year 2000 and has been serving in one capacity or another, continuously,since 2000, it would seem to be Dr. Dinardo's responsibility as the current President to provide me with the information requested. If it will never be available to me, please let me know and I will assume that there was never a valid vote by the membership to change the DPCA Constitution and Bylaws in 2001.

Attached is the April 2 request for the last two fiscal year's financial information.Please instruct Robin Kelley or Julie Stade to turn over the remaining records requested as soon as possible. Your time is up on both of the March 21 and April 2 requests.

Awaiting a prompt reply,

Judith Bingham