First request


To: Anthony DiNardo, President of the DPCA

20 Peaslee Hill

West Hartford, CT 06117-2918


Cc: Entire Board


From: Judith Bingham

115 Minnesota Avenue

Beaumont, CA 92223-2816

March 21, 2013


RE: Records Request


DPCA Officers & Directors:

As a dues-paying DPCA member and breeder of over 40 years, I am requesting information from official DPCA records.

After some research on the DPCA website for motions and also in the Pipeline editions of the time, I was unable to find the dates and results of the voting that took place for the Constitution and By Law changes leading up to the 501(c)(3) status of the DPCA. I am asking for copies of the ballot, associated dates, and the results of the membership's vote on the DPCA Constitution and Bylaws changes.

I am asking that copies of this information be provide to me in the next 10 working days, preferably electronically.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Judith Bingham